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Team Vector Curating games at Toronto’s Long Winter Series!

Team Vector is excited to announce it’s participation in this season’s Long Winter series at the Great Hall! Conceived by members of Toronto band Fucked Up, The Long Winter is a series of concerts that incorporate art installation, video games, food vendors and more! Now in it’s second season, we’re pleased to announce that we will be curating games for the January 10th edition of the Long Winter in the new year!

 We’re happy to curate games for this installment of the Long Winter Arcade, having shared the curatorial duties for the second season of Long Winter with Bento Miso, Drinkbox Studios, Dames Making Games,  and TO Jam; with each group curating for one of the events. For our portion of this series, we’ve decided to bring in games that focus on unique perspectives in the local multiplayer experience. We’re inviting Long Winter attendees to shoot and battle with other players throughout the night, with this assortment of games.

 Team Vector will be bringing the following games to the Long Winter Arcade:

 Tay Bai Woo: Chopsquares.


 Blue Square’s ultimate nemesis Red Square is for reals angry. They face off once and for all in square to square combat, choppin’ each other’s bods mercilessly. They spin through the air, in an endless struggle.

CHOPSQUARES is a small two-player versus game, where each player is a square, a square with a sword on its head. Time slows the closer both squares get. If the sword touches the other square’s body they are dead.

 Alex Martin (aka Droqen): Shotguns in the Dark.


 A 2 player versus mode game where you fight your opponent in a darkened maze, only the flash of your shotguns reveal your location.

 KO-OP Mode (Montreal): Kung Fu Volleyball.

Are you ready for battle? Montreal’s KO-OP Mode brings you a volleyball game unlike you’ve ever seen! Soar through the air and use your Kung Fu Powers to score points against your opponent in this 1 on 1 Kung Fu inspired sports game.

 Creative Technologies of Toronto (CTT): Crack-a-Quack.

 Crack-a-Quack is a mobile AR game, which pays tribute to the classic duck shooting galleries of old carnivals as well as the classic shooter Duck Hunt for the NES. Instead of a light gun and a television however, visitors to the Long Winter Arcade can download a small app, and use their own phones as the “zapper” while shooting targets on a large projected screen. This game allows for multiple users at the same time, where you can compete with other players to achieve the high score.

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 We hope that you will join us at the Long Winter Arcade at Long Winter on January 10th! For more info, you can check out the Long Winter Facebook page!

Announcing the first Screening programme of Vector 2014!

Team Vector is pleased to announce the first screening of the 2014 edition of Vector Game + Art Convergence! Taking place on Wednesday, February 19th at Cinecycle (129 Spadina Ave), our first screening is programmed by former Team Vector member Clint Enns as he returns as one of this year’s guest curators.  Happening the day before the official launch of the festival, this special “Day Zero” screening features works that connect to the larger practice of game art, through experimentations in computational media.  We hope that you will join us for this exciting programme!  For more information on tickets for this event, please visit the tickets section of the Vector Festival website.

codeinmotion copy

The works in this program explore both the mathematical precision of computer graphics, as well as the uncontrolled, the uncontrollable and the random. Early examples of both experimental and narrative computer animated films will be shown including work by John Whitney, Sr., Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart, Mary Ellen Bute, John Stehura, James Whitney, Stan Vanderbeek and Kenneth Knowlton, Lillian Schwartz, Pierre Hébert and Peter Foldès. As an added bonus, innovative computer generated commercials produced by Robert Abel and Associates will be shown between each film.

 Includes the films:
Around is Around - Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart, 1951, 10 minutes
Abstronic – Mary Ellen Bute, 1952, 7 minutes
Catalog John Whitney, Sr., 1961, 7 minutes
Cybernetik 5.3 (1960-65)
– John Stehura, 1965, 8 minutes
– James Whitney, 1966, 10 minutes
Poemfield no.2
– Stan Vanderbeek and Kenneth Knowlton, 1966, 6 minutes
The Artist and The Computer
– Lillian Schwartz, 1976, 11 minutes
Around Perception Pierre Hébert, 1968, 16 minutes
La Faim
– Peter Foldès, 1974, 11 minutes
Various Robert Abel Commercials, Various Dates, 7 minutes


Meet Team Vector’s Newest Member!

Team Vector is excited to have Diana Poulsen on board as our newest member!

Diana is an art historian, artist, writer and critic. Her MA thesis, “But Today, We Collect Videogames”, examines the similarities between art and videogames under the umbrella of visual culture. Diana’s research specializations include: collage, appropriation, New Media, and Neo-Baroque aesthetics. She is a former videogame critic and section editor for MONDO Magazine and has written for Kill Screen and Gamasutra. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally, and currently teaches art history at Fanshawe College in London Ontario, plays too many MMOs, and is fascinated by player created mods.

You can find out more about her on her own blog.

We’re pleased to have Diana on board and are looking forward to the unique perspective that she will bring to our mutual curatorial vision.


Team Vector @ the X Avant Music Festival 2013 – A Debriefing

Our satellite event for the X Avant Morton Feldman concert in mid-October worked out great. We’d like to thank the Music Gallery‘s David Dacks for inviting us to collaborate, pianist/conductor/producer extraordinaire Gregory Oh for getting the conversation going in the first place, and Caroline Macfarlane for hosting us so graciously at the OCAD Student Gallery.

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Team Vector Curating Games at the Avant-X Music Festival!

Avant-X Festival Presents: Morton Feldman’s String Quartet No. 2, performed by the FLUX Quartet. October 12, 2013, @ the Music Gallery and the OCAD Gallery.

EDIT: Take note (and tell your friends) that the satellite event at the OCAD U Gallery is FREE to attend!

The live performance at the Music Gallery:

Doors 5pm / Concert 6pm Tickets $30 Regular / $20 Member / $25 Advance at Soundscapes.

A few weeks ago, Team Vector was approached by the Organizers of Toronto’s Avant-X Music Festival to engage in a bit of an experiment by adding games to one of the festival’s programmes. On Saturday, October 12th. Avant-X is presenting a performance of composer Morton Feldman’s String Quartet No. 2, an epic six hour piece performed by Toronto’s FLUX Quartet. Here’s a sample of FLUX performing the piece:

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new Vector Festival website is LIVE! Call for Submissions for 2014 now open!

Today is the day! Team Vector is happy to announce the launch of a new website for all things related to the Vector Game + Art Convergence Festival!

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A busy Fall for Team Vector.

While we are currently working on putting all of the pieces together for the 2014 edition of Vector Game + Art Convergence Festival (more info including our new website, calls for subs and early programming announcements coming SOON!), we’re busy with a few other projects as well.

On Sat, Sept 21st, Christine Kim will be giving a talk at the Dames Making Games (DMG) speakers social at Bento Miso. Christine will be giving a preview talk about the exhibition she is co-curating at Vector with Rachel Weil (aka Partytime! Hexcellent), the FemPOP Artcade. Christine will be announcing other activities that will be part of the FemPOP project, including a partnership with DMG. If you would like to know more, go to the social this weekend!!!

Team Vector has been invited to particpate in an event at the Avant X Music Festival in Toronto!!! On Saturday, October 12th, we will be curating a small collection of games for an event featuring the Flux Quartet’s performance of Morton Feldman’s String Quartet No. 2. Team Vector will be set up in a satellite location at the OCAD gallery. Our challenge is to find games that fit with the music from this performance, which will be simulcast in the OCAD gallery while the live performance happens at the Music Gallery.

We’re very excited for this collaboration with the Avant X Festival, now in its 8th year. More info will be posted in the next week about the games we’ve chosen and why we’ve chosen them!


Team Vector Update: Goodbye Clint, Hello Martin!

Since Queer Arcade, we’ve been working hard to get everything in place for the 2014 edition of Vector: Game + Art Convergence!!! We’re currently working on a new festival website, and have already confirmed some amazing programming for the festival, which we will be posting about in the future.

Some changes have happened with Team Vector recently:

One of our founding members Clint Enns, has decided to step away to pursue his own creative and academic endeavours for the next little while. Clint was recently accepted in the PhD program at YorkU for Cinema and Media Studies and we’re very proud of him.

Skot Deeming has recently relocated to Montreal to begin his PhD studies in Concordia University’s INDI (Individualised program), and will be a member of both the Ampersand (AMP) lab and the Technoculture, Art, and Gaming lab. Skot will be staying on with Team Vector and is working on bringing some of our programming to Montreal in the near future.

Christine Has been working on her first game related exhibition and we’ll have more news about that soon!

The big announcement for the day though, is our welcoming of a new member into our fold! We are very pleased and excited to welcome our newest member to Team Vector, Martin Zeilinger!!! We’re very happy to have him onboard and are eager to have him contribute his unique perspective to our upcoming programs, including Vector 2014! Here’s a bit about Martin’s background, which we think will make him a excellent member of the group:

Martin Zeilinger is a new media scholar, writer, and sometimes a filmmaker or musician. He is interested in appropriation art, experimental audio-visual art, game and hacker culture, live coding, dystopian fiction, and theories of cultural ownership. Martin’s work on all kinds of things related to the art and politics of copying, reusing and sharing has been published widely in academic journals and books. He holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature and teaches in the fields of cultural theory, audio-visual media art, and sociolegal studies at several universities in the GTA.

Welcome, friend!

Over the next few months, we’ll be making announcements about our new website, calls for submission and more for Vector 2014! Until then, friends, mark off February 20-24, 2014 in your calendars!


Queer Arcade documentation is now online!

Last weekend we hosted our summer Queer Arcade exhibition at VideoFag in Kensington market in Toronto, and we’d like to thank all of the artists who participated in the exhibition for their great works! We’re pleased to say that the show was a great success, and we’re grateful for the positive and critical feedback we received from our visitors.

You can find all of our photo documentation from the show on our flickr page.

Thanks all! Team Vector is now moving forward with the Planning for Vector: Game + Art Convergence 2014, which will be running from February 20-23rd in Toronto at multiple venues across the city. Stand by for more news!!!